Green Vila

story 3

Style frames from a project on solitary confinement

Programs used: C4D, Photoshop

This project is an exploration of the mental and emotional states of prisoners put in solitary confinement. Through the use of text and images, the viewer is taken on a journey through the psyche of someone that has been confined to a small windowless room 22 -23 hours a day for years on end.


I wanted to explore using type as architectural elements, words acting as cages.

The visuals largely focus on sensory deprivation, by overlaying multiple images, distorting them and then using that as a texture the viewer is presented with something familiar, yet foreign. Each composition is given a tactile feel that borders on the grotesque, imitating the squalid conditions of some prisons.


Close up shots are largely employed to give a sense of confinement and restraint, the viewer is kept in the dark on their location in space.